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A skilled investment company demonstrating expertise in international and emerging market stocks.

Orus Capital Group strives to foster enduring growth for our investors.

About Us

Located in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Hong Kong, Orus Capital Group delivers advanced portfolio-building techniques to a diverse client base. We offer innovative solutions that help clients excel in all markets, backed by the expertise of more than 36 professional investment managers globally. Orus Capital Group is recognized as one of the world’s leading management firms. Our unique business model provides employees with a varied career trajectory filled with opportunities for dynamic and interesting work. Positions are available in distribution, sales, sales management, customer service, finance, marketing, product development, product marketing, business growth, compliance, and legal sectors.

Our Approach

As proactive equity investors, our main objective is to grow our clients' wealth through fundamental bottom-up stock picking.

Orus Capital Group understands that investors seek skilled investment managers who can deliver value by surpassing market performance. Our investment experts share a generalist outlook and a competitive drive, concentrating on achieving long-term expansion. As bottom-up, benchmark-agnostic managers targeting a high active share, we hold traits that we consider essential for enduring success.

Our Team

We view our team as our greatest asset. Our company culture is intentionally open and collaborative—we encourage knowledge sharing across the organization. Our team unites in their passion, competitive nature, and entrepreneurial mindset. We nurture an atmosphere where initiative and innovative ideas are valued. Our team members engage actively, discuss, and challenge one another to guarantee we achieve excellence in our operations, client service, and investment approaches.

Our modest size and limited client capacity allow us to provide our investors with access to the extensive experience and knowledge of our investment teams.

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The investment strategies outlined here are offered by Orus Capital Group through institutional separately managed accounts. The information and strategies discussed are strictly for illustrative and educational purposes and are primarily intended for institutional investors. They are not a recommendation, offer, or solicitation to buy or sell securities or to engage in any investment strategy. There is no guarantee that any of the strategies discussed will be successful. Past performance does not guarantee future outcomes. Every investment carries some level of risk. While there is the possibility of profit, there is also the possibility of loss.