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We are a global asset management company built on fundamental stock selection, integrity, and a focus on our clients' needs.

Our Investment Solutions

Our model offers access to more than 36 independent investment affiliates globally. The Solutions team aims to leverage this distinctive mix of expertise and size to customize investments according to our clients' specific objectives.

We can combine asset allocation, portfolio construction, multi-asset portfolio management, and structuring expertise with access to the varied skills of 36 independent investment affiliates worldwide. Additionally, we have experience in providing customized analysis, multi-asset strategies, tools, and services to a diverse and international client base.

How We Operate

Orus Capital Group Investment Managers Solutions offers clients access to a broad spectrum of investment expertise via fully integrated services that prioritize their involvement at every stage of the investment journey. Our singular focus, from design to delivery, is on crafting tailored investment solutions that address the unique needs of our clients.


To provide a roadmap for essential requirements and a basis for informed decisions, a deep understanding of the characteristics and causes of client challenges is necessary.

What We Offer

  1. Global Market Planning

    We provide advanced analysis that incorporates macroeconomic and asset allocation inputs, enabling the creation of investment strategies across major markets. We supply macroeconomic insights to strengthen decision-making. Additionally, our approach facilitates the estimation of long-term expected returns for prominent asset classes from a top-down perspective.

  2. ESG Solutions

    We act as a central hub for all ESG and climate initiatives. Through our 'A La Carte' service, we support clients at every stage of their ESG and climate journey, including evaluation, distribution, investment, and reporting. Our pioneering leadership in ESG and climate issues is widely acknowledged.

  3. Clarity in your Portfolio

    We deliver premier, independent research to clients aiming for a deeper comprehension of risk and diversification factors in their model portfolios. Enhanced analytics support activities such as ESG scoring, climate simulations, and risk budgeting. Our service is customized for each client, with expert Consultants on hand to interpret and explain the results.

  4. Advisory

    We provide insightful guidance based on a detailed analysis of a client's needs. We create tailored model portfolios focusing on risk management and alpha generation. Our advisory framework and reporting requirements are customized to fit each client's specific needs.

  5. Portfolio Management for Multiple Assets

    We feature highly experienced multi-asset portfolio managers with a significant track record in managing multi-asset funds and mandates. Our robust investment process combines three key elements for added value: long-term strategic asset allocation, medium-term top-down tactical asset allocation, and short-term mandate-specific decisions. Additionally, our in-house fund research team enhances bottom-up fund selection to generate extra returns.

The investment strategies outlined here are offered by Orus Capital Group through institutional separately managed accounts. The information and strategies discussed are strictly for illustrative and educational purposes and are primarily intended for institutional investors. They are not a recommendation, offer, or solicitation to buy or sell securities or to engage in any investment strategy. There is no guarantee that any of the strategies discussed will be successful. Past performance does not guarantee future outcomes. Every investment carries some level of risk. While there is the possibility of profit, there is also the possibility of loss.